Book Review – The Red – Tiffany Reisz

The book started off great. A girl losing the battle of saving her mothers art gallery. To the point she is willing to do anything, but nothing will help. Then this mysterious man, came in and pulled a wrecking ball on Mona. When he proposed a deal with her that would save Mona’s art gallery, she was apprehensive. But, she came around to the idea, and agreed.

Now, when the stipulations of the deal were told and agreed, I was sure that I would not like this book or be able to read it. It was way too much for my taste.

Oh, but the tables turned on me. It was the most wicked experience I had read. It was the biggest turn on. Now, I wouldn’t personally do any of this, but WOW. It is so hard to even explain without giving the story away.

But, the mysterious, Malcolm, knew what he was doing. He made Mona fall in love with him magically. He had a goal. He was getting her ready and setting her up for her future.

I was hoping for a lovely happy ending for Mona and Malcolm. They were just perfect for each other. He made her see and feel things you cannot believe. With that, this ending was not what I expected.

I will recommend any lover of romance and erotica reads, read this. It is awesome.




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