Currently Reading Shelf

Ok so noticing on my goodreads account, I have so many books that I need to read that are sitting on my kindle. My to read shelf is over flowing… I need to stop looking up books.

Most of the books on my kindle right now that I haven’t read were NOT on my to read shelf. Reason being, having authors and blogs on my facebook page that shows when a $3.00 to 9.00 books are either 1) on sale or 2) completely free… which is awesome! Sometimes, I buy or download the books without reading them because I am waiting for the others in the series to come out or I have not read the first one.

Some of the free books have bad reviews and readers say that is exactly why they are free or really cheap… Which i concur on a few books. But others, are diamonds in the rough. I get blown away with them.

I try to always give an honest review. If I really LOVE a book the review will be awesome. Other times I usually just give a star rating… even if I love the books. I am so into reading a series that I don’t have the time or patience to stop reading and write the review. But, any books that are given to me for being a beta reader or ARC reading… I also leave a review. I mean, come on, if an author wants me to read the book before it comes out.. Ya dang right i will take the time to write a review..

Okay, I am off subject. Anyways, I need more time in the day without needs to clean the house or the kids bugging me. I need to read. It is my relaxation time. And obviously not having time to read… means no relaxation time. Its just unacceptable in my eyes. So, honestly, I am thinking of taking a mini vacation from work… to read. I know, that sounds horrible and I could use my vacation more wisely but I seriously need to read.

As long as these bloggers and authors continue to post about these books on sale or free, my kindle will be overflowing. And to be quite honestly, I am very thankful for Sprint having unlimited data. Seeing as each month my data usage is around 98 Gigs.. I could never ever go to a cap on my usage. Now, if I could just make my husband buy me a kindle…