Book Review – Hardass (Bad Bitch #3) – Christina Saunders


Recieved an ARC from netgalley for an honest review

Hardass meets Smart Ass.

Caroline had a dream of working for Wash after seeing one of his cases. Also she was crushing on him. But, unlike most, she fights back even to the Hardass.

Wash, being the Hardass has delt with his shit and holds some grudges. But like miss smartass, breaks his walls down.

One thing leads to another and they keep saying they are done, but when that attraction is there in full force, that wall crumbles.

And what they are doing is totally against the company’s policy….

Awesome book. Way more mystery


Book Review – Beautiful Addictions – Season Vining

The story started off pretty slow. At times, it was difficult to understand which characters pov was being told. But the complaints stop there.

This story is complicated because Josie cannot remembered what happened to her prior to her foster care days. Because of the days after the last of her childhood, she lives on whatever drug that is available and sex. She is a lonely soul that draws all over the city. One night she sees a man, and obesses over him. Goes to his work to be around him… little does she no know, they have a past.

Tristan is a weird character. I mean weird by being the hot tattooed bartender, but also a man with a very rare gift of remembering everything he has seen or read or spoken.  He has mourned Josie once… now that he finds her… he is not ready to loose her again.

As the story progresses,  more action comes in. We see a side of Tristan that we didn’t realize was there. We more in the eyes of the contract killers and the main “asshole” boss. The group Tristan was once in, is trying to kill Josie for her fathers part, of their once downfall, in their organization. 


awesome read!